About HTML5VideoBank

HTML5VideoBank is the number one trusted video conversion and storage service by creatives, influencers, website and app developers, educators and others who use video in their work.

If you’re still uploading MP4 videos, you owe it to your audience to look at HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Today, with over half your audience coming from mobile devices. slow MP4’s just frustrate them.

HLS is the number one recommended mobile video format. It's required by Apple for all App Store apps because it guarantees smooth, engaging video playback.

HTML5VideoBank easily and simply converts all your videos into mobile friendly HLS or 100's of other formats, and that's just the start.

Compress and store all your Zoom recordings to build a knowledgebase for your company. It's easy with HTML5VideoBank.

HTML5VideoBank is the simplest, easiest to use video convertion and storage solution. No complex pipelines to master or APIs to learn. Just pick a preset, upload your video and it converts. It's video simplified and it just works!

If you're using YouTube embeds, the recommended videos at the end will pull your audience to YouTube. See for yourself...

with HTML5 video embed

with YouTube video embed

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